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Come Support Eliot Aguayo June 18th 2016

This isn’t the first time Eliot Aguayo is stepping into the cage at The U Of MMA at The Novo. This quiet kid from Pacoima has been prepping really hard with his team on his fight camp. Saturday June 18th, 2016 he’s going to redeem himself. Last fight didn’t go as we plan but we learned from it. In this camp; Eliot is a different fighter from last fight with Ryusuke Tanaka. Thanks to his Coaches; Coach Alder, Coach Gabe, and his Team, he’s ready to step in the cage again. This kid is going places, he may seem shy but don’t take his quiet nature for granted. He is an unbelievable fighter and I can see him getting far in his fight career. He contributes to his fight team every practice, that says a lot about him.

Q: When did you decide that you wanted to step in the cage?

A: Well I started training to be a fighter when I was really young with my two older brothers. They did karate so I always tagged along. I stopped training karate and started training Muay Thai, then wrestling. Shortly after I started training full on MMA. My oldest brother was a trouble maker and he would always get into fights, and he did it because he like to get in fights. Then he got into martial arts, that actually inspired me because of him.


Eliot Aguayo Vs. Ryusuke Tanaka at the U of MMA

Q: What is your training schedule like for you fight camp?

A: I train everyday, I try to get at least one rest day; but sometimes I train because I have nothing else to do. Thats what I like to do, train.

Q: Whats your favorite technique?

A: I like all of my techniques, it makes me who I am as a fighter. I specifically like a little bit of wrestling so you can say wrestling.

Q: Why did you choose to train here at 10th Planet Van Nuys?

A: I started training around where I live in San Fernando, Mission Hills, I was at Phenom Jiu Jitsu, and my Muay Thai coach was training with a bunch of fighters over here at 10th Planet Van Nuys. I heard from him that there was a lot of really good fighters, Coaches, Promoters, so I decided to started training here.

Eliot Aguayo After MMA Practice

Eliot Aguayo After MMA Practice

Q: What is your story as a fighter?

A: Like I said I have 2 older brothers and I was the youngest and I was always the smallest. I didn’t think

I can do anything that they do, because they were a lot bigger, and a lot more vicious. I wasn’t a trouble maker like my oldest brother. When I started I didn’t think I can do what they can do in martial arts, now I’m fighting, I think its pretty cool.

Q: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now in MMA?

A: I see myself at a high level I’ll get there soon (I’m moving up significantly skill wise), theres a lot of young fighters in the UFC. I’m hoping I can get a shot just like them. I can see myself as a pro fighter in 5 years.

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Eliot Won 1st place in his Sport MMA Tournament

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