Healing a Broken Heart with Jiu Jitsu!

Healing a Broken Heart



I started my current jiu jitsu journey three years ago on a warm, summer evening in June of 2014. There was nothing quite like the sensation of grappling again; the smell of the mats and the thrill of the combat. It’s like a drug that’s good for your soul and body (maybe not your joints…) and you just can’t help but fall deeper and deeper into it. And yet, I always managed to resist diving head-first into my training. There were always excuses; can’t balance my work life, gotta spend time with my girlfriend, not enough time in the day, etc. But when one of those three excuses dropped out, what was I left with? When kind words from friends and family couldn’t seal the hole in my heart, what could? That’s when I rediscovered jiu jitsu.

I knew enough to know that I just needed to stay busy. And what better way to keep me busy then train more? I started taking my grappling seriously for the first time in years; making sure I was coming consistently, testing on a regular basis, doing some stand-up training at open mat, adding in MMA classes. It kept my mind & body occupied during the times I didn’t spend with friends and family. But more than that it gave me an exciting reason to get out of bed everyday. During the days I was down; jiu jitsu was there to pick me up. I lived for the genuine smiles that would cross my face during a back-and-forth exchange on the mats, I felt alive during those drives home just stewing in the glory and the hard work of the previous couple hours. Like in jiu jitsu; these little victories were what kept me with a positive outlook on my journey. They let me know that everything was going to be alright, that each battle won would lead to winning the war.



Jeff Chan

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