Interview with Head MMA Coach Gabe Calvento


One of the hardest working coaches at the gym is our Head MMA Coach Gabe Calvento. He has the most difficult job I think at the gym. Why is that? He needs to create an environment where the fight team can thrive and work together as one. If you can’t get a bunch of fighters on the same page, it’s very hard to have fight team. There wouldn’t be a future for any of the fighters stepping in the cage if it wasn’t for Coach Gabe. His patience and knowledge helps the fighters have an amazing fight camp. He is also a purple belt under Coach Alder, and has been striking since a teenager. He learned how to put all these skills together to help the fighters with their game. Coach Alder and Coach Gabe work well together and communicate with each other. Thats what it takes to successfully corner a fighter. I’ve seen myself where Coach Gabe worked 8-10 hours, go to school, and still made time for his fighters for fight camp. He is getting his degree in kinesiology which helps him gets his fighters into shape with strengthening and conditioning sessions. Sometimes he’s at 10th Planet Van Nuys until 1am getting extra pad work for some fighters who have a difficult schedule.

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Q: When did you start training?

A: I started training when I was 15 years old, I was taking boxing. I was competing in boxing, at small in house tournaments. I started training in Jiu Jitsu when I was 18 with Coach Alder Hampel at 10th Planet Van Nuys.


Q: When did you start cornering MMA fighters?

A: It was 3 years after I started Jiu Jitsu and I was 21 when I started cornering with Alder.


Q: What inspired you to being a coach?

A: I was first inspired by coaching by Coach Alder, he’s cornered me in so many Jiu Jitsu matches. He really made a difference in a bunch of peoples lives, so I was inspired to be a coach by him.


Q: How is your training schedule different when you have a fighter in fight camp?

A: My schedule isn’t as different but the intensity is very different, a lot of the sessions are a lot more grinding. Theres extra training sessions that we go to. We set up extra practices for fighters when theres fights coming up.


Q: Why did you choose to train at 10th Planet Van Nuys?

A: Alder had just opened 10th Planet Van Nuys, it was literally open for a day. I knew some of the people training with him when he was teaching at the Burbank location. But immediately I felt a team connection and felt at home right away.


Q: Where do you see yourself in 5  years from now in Coaching MMA?

A: I see myself coaching for people in the UFC, people in different fight organizations professionally, as well as taking amateurs on to help them get to their debuts.


Gabe Calvento 

Woodland Hills CAgabe

Purple Belt 

Personal Trainer 

Head MMA Coach 


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