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As a parent I wanted my son to get healthy and learn self defense. Now a days there’s so much going on in the world and with technology kids are getting lazy. We put them in front of a scree, TV, IPAD, IPHONEs. Its easy to keep them quite that way. We forget that kids need to get a good exercise in. Well Jiu Jitsu is the key to get them tired. I know my son loves coming because he gets learn cools moves. He see’s pro fighters in the UFC and says “I know that move” or “I can do that”. It reveling to see that my son can get exercise in and learn self defense. Since Jiu Jitsu came into his life his self confidence changed. He’s been a lot more out going. Teachers have notice the change. Kids who do martial arts have more discipline at home they have an outlet to get all that energy out and martial arts teaches discipline. Jiu Jitsu has taught my son how to be apart of a team. So with 10th Planet Van Nuys they offer a free class and they don’t do sale pressure. They do offer a free uniform with sign up.  Call today and make an appointment. 818-925-5487 Leave a message or email





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