Less Screen Time More Play Time! Jiu Jitsu Kids

As a parent its difficult to get our kids away from YouTube and video games. I remember when I was a kid all my parents would say “Go Play outside” We would play out there until the street lights came on. That was the cool part. Now with technology helping raise our kids theres not enough exercise for our little ones to get healthy. Limiting our kids and getting them to go do an activity is important. I picked Jiu Jitsu, reasoning behind this is the self defense and discipline is important for them. There is a higher percentage in America from 5-12 years of age where kids are obese. Kids are getting to comfortable staying inside playing computers, IPad, video games. Lets stop the epidemic together and get our kids on the mats. My son loves Jiu Jitsu, its something he’s gotten addicted to (which I don’t mind). I help him with goals because after class he would say “Mom I learned a triangle today and I was able to get my training partner in it live, but I couldn’t finish” Then I would say “Well what could you do next time? Could you pinch your knees and hold his head and hip up?” I really love having these conversations like this with him. I love seeing him get better every time he’s in class.

To be good at something you need  to make sure our children  stays consistent, help them succeed and don’t let them quit. Yes there are days where he doesn’t want to come to class. Once they start getting lazy, they tend to quit and you might go along with it. I think we can help our kids and keep them coming no matter how much pouting they do. Think about it, did Steph Currys dad let him quit basketball? of course not he is one of the best basketball players in the league.  He’s also making millions of dollars, but it did start with the parents keeping him with this activity. I chose Jiu Jitsu for my son and I will keep him at it until he gets his black belt. Even if it take years to get it I will not let him quit!  He will be the Steph Curry in Jiu Jitsu. 

It started with a free class and now my son is one of the highest belt in the class long side with his best friend. They push each other and make sure they are in class, its cute because they would FaceTime the day before and ask each other if the our coming to class. It pretty cool they are going to become life long friends. 

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