Milton “The Diamond” Arguello RnC his Opponent at CXF June 17th


By Jeff Chan

“Wow, that was fast.”
The Diamond stepped into the CXF cage on June 17th to the poetic stylings of one Eric Wright. As he stared across that padded abyss, one almost got the sense that he knew what was going to happen and was simply fulfilling that prophecy.
The bell rings and Milton was quick to take the center. His opponent, unaware of the nap he was soon to take, eagerly met him. A couple of quick jabs were used to measure the distance & Milton’s striking prowess was apparent right from the get-go. A couple more snappy jabs and a 1-2 tagged his opponent who took it in stride. As they clashed yet again, Milton landed a gorgeous step-up knee to the body as a counter to his opponent’s aggression. A brief tie-up lead to a quick double-leg takedown against the fence for Milton. And after landing in half-guard, The Diamond eventually worked his way to his opponent’s back.
With Milton’s back to the mat, he quickly locked up a rear-naked choke on his opponent. Trying everything to escape, his opponent wound up on his side where his only options were tap or nap. To his credit, he went out on his shield and chose the “snooze” option. And just like that, the fight was over.
They say the measure of a man isn’t in how he wins but how he loses. And they say the measure of a fighter is how he responds to a loss. Milton never lost any of the confidence he had from his first pro fight. And while this fight was too short to really showcase all of the improvements he’s made; the attitude and the confidence never waivered and that will was eagerly imposed on his opponent. So if you like violence and want to see someone get stuck with a shinbone across their eyelids; keep tuning into the Diamond’s fights!

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