Our Newest member of the Fight Team : Garik Mitchell


Garik Mitchell at The U of MMA Vs. Kyler Scott

We want to welcome Garik Mitchell to the team! He’s been helping with the fight team in previous fight camps and now is officially flying our flag. I met Garik, and all could see is his big smile. I would be smiling too if I was Garik winning multiple Muay Thai competitions. Now he is dabbing into MMA. Garik is not new to MMA and is stand up game is spectacular thanks to his coach, Victor Melendez. His height and length is a perfect for his Muay Thai game. His last fight for The U of MMA was a knock out Steven (Kyler) Scott, a kick to the head. This is his second fight at The U of MMA and we are going in 6 fighters deep! Can’t wait to see Garik in action again.


Q: When and why did you decide you wanted to start fighting?


Garik in his old football day

A: I had a competitive spirit in me, I was playing football at Pierce College. I end up getting hurt, so my window in football passed. I was looking for something to do, so I started with Jiu Jitsu. With Jiu Jitsu it led into Muay Thai. I started taking Muay Thai Fights one thing led to another then now I’m fighting MMA. Its been 3 years now.


Q: What is your current training schedule like for this camp?

A: I try to train about 6 days a week, if possible I try to train twice a day, maybe even three times. Its kinda hard with work.


13173967_1111207722250705_3885700176499975626_nQ: Do you have a favorite technique?

A: No not really, I want to be good at everything, if I had to pick my favorite technique. I would say probably my high kick. I want to be good at everything so I don’t have a particular “favorite technique”.



Q: Why did you start training here at 10th Planet Van Nuys?


Garik with his Team at 10th Planet Van Nuys

A: Great Question! Well for my first MMA fight I came here probably 2 weeks before the fight. I met Gabe, Jean, and Alder, and everyone else. Everybody here is really cool, really good people. It’s really hard to find people who don’t know you and they want to help you. Gabe came all the way to Simi Valley one night and just trained with me, and he just met me. Right then and there I knew these are the type of people I want to be around. Thats how my home gym is with Victor Melendez “Team Lagarto”, its like a family orientated place. Its like how it is here, it makes it easier here to train.


Q: Every fighter has a story, what is your story?


Garik’s beautiful Mom

A: I just like testing myself. I went through a tough 2 years, my mom passed away 2 years ago, so I had a lot of anger built after that. It gave me something to do to get my mind off of that. I wanted to see how far I can take it. I have a lot of natural ability, and theres a lot of things to learn. Your always learning, thats what keeps me excited.


Q: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now in MMA?

A: You know, I actually don’t even know. I take it one fight at a time, one day at time. I don’t want to say I’m going to be in the UFC 5 years or whatever, or even pro. I want to take it one day at a time, and let my coaches and everybody who is around me; let me know that they see. They can let me know what the next step should be.


We are so blessed to have a Garik Mitchell part of the team. Come support Garik Mitchell step in the Cage June 18th 2016 at The U of MMA. His Tickets are available online, come by and buy one off him too!



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