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As with other subjects, you’ll want to check the specific physical education requirements in your school you signed up your child with. In some schools PE is only required for a high school students for a single year, but as a parents you always have the option to set your homeschool requirements higher than the state minimum requirements. If your teen or child is naturally active and involved in sports, you may not need to devote a lot of attention to PE. Many children simply don’t get enough exercise as they move into the teen years. PE can be one tool to encourage more activity. Jiu Jitsu will help focus, build self confidence, teaches morals and value. This will help your child or teen have an outlet and socialization they might need as a homeschool student.

Martial Arts Counts!
Of course if your student is an athlete who plays a team sport physical education for your homeschool will probably be a no-brainer. Participation in sports such as Martial arts can be counted for homeschool PE credit. We encourage a team work atmosphere and help build a bond with your child.

Set a Goal
Having a goal to reach for can improve motivation and inspire teens and kids to work hard. A goal forced by the parent won’t be effective, but you may encourage your teen if they are goal oriented to work toward achieving a milestone for PE.

Health Education
Physical education can be a great excuse to explore health topics with teen or child. Making sure your child is comfortable in a activity they like, you will ultimately have a happy child! You can enjoy jiu jitsu together and take class together. It will create a bond no other activity will create.

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