Starting A New Hobby at 39


Starting a New Hobby


Andres Nieto

After a few months of researching, I started Jiu jitsu at 39.  It’s been hard work that I will not deny.  Some days I get out of work, and feel like sitting on the couch to do nothing.  The truth is every time I push myself to go I never regret it.  The learning mindset that I am developing in jiu jitsu has carried over into my everyday life.  Pushing through tough situations is becoming very addictive.  As a beginner, I use to get nervous about making mistakes. I’m slowly understanding that making mistakes is part of the journey. Learning to let go is becoming part of who I am now.  Letting go of fear, letting go of the ego, letting go of doubt, letting go and tapping.  Learning that every time I tap I do not lose, but learn something.  Whenever I step on the mat I learn something.  These are all things that I am slowly realizing through jiu jitsu.

At first all the information that was coming at me was a little overwhelming.  But focusing on the basics, trying to build a strong foundation has helped with how I take in all of the info.  This is also something else that I have implemented into my personal life.  Jiu jitsu is such a wonderful thing, and is far from easy. If we can make it through our first few months, stick it out, and learn to love the grind. . . The sky is the limit.  These are just some of the benefits that I’ve noticed, and it’s only been 7 months.



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