Toys for Taps Dec. 17 2016 @2pm-4pm

Toys for Taps! This event is open to the public. You do not need to be a 10th Planet Van Nuys member to attend. 

The holidays are a great time to be a kid. I’m sure many of us have great memories of waking up on Christmas morning and running towards the Christmas tree to see what Santa brought us. Unfortunately for some kids this is not a reality. Due to various circumstances they wake up on Christmas to an empty tree. This year the 10th Planet Van Nuys community wants to help these children experience the joy of the holidays. 

Please join us on 12/17 as 10th Planet Van Nuys presents Toys for Taps. This event will be a 2.5 hour seminar taught by Coach Alder Hampel, Coach Ryan Bradford, Coach Gabe Calvento, and Coach Drew Murillo. All four of the coaches are excited for this event and are donating their time and expertise for a good cause. 

Traditionally a seminar like this would cost $40 – $60 dollars. Instead of charging a monetary entrance fee, the entrance fee will be an unwrapped toy that can be donated to a local charity. While we ask that the toy(s) be of at least $20 value, any donation you make will be appreciated and count as your entrance fee. Please note that since this is a toy drive we can not accept cash donations. 

More info please email #jiujitsu #10thplanetjj #10thplanetvannuys #seminar

Rsvp here!

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