Transforming The Body Through Jiu Jitsu

10th Planet has led me on a path of wellness mentally and physically.  I am a 47 years old husband and father of a 3 year old beautiful daughter.   I stand about 5’5 inches and weighed 165 lbs.      I realized that I was in my middle age years and that I was horribly out of shape.  Often running out or breath from typically non strenuous physical activities, and also not being able to  play with my daughter for extended periods of time.  I wanted to change that for her and for myself.


Listen I hate the gym, running, and basically working out just to get you fit and in shape.  I am very sport oriented, I like to know where I am and be able to measure improvements in strength, conditioning and flexibility.  Looking back, I realized the last time I had regular consistent physical exercise was back in my college years.  After that I gradually settled into a career and often  found reasons for not getting exercise.  In high school I wrestled and played tennis successfully.   I considered myself athletic, and while lacking in size I made up for it with speed and effort.    I realized that was over 20 years ago!      I felt really motivated and had an interest in jiu Jitsu.  I did lots of research, as there are so many world class schools in the San Fernando valley.  I tried a few free trials at gyms but found 10th Planet to being very  comprehensive and most importantly a friendly environment for newbies like myself.  


10th planet stands out because of its friendly supportive atmosphere.   You don’t just get the basic techniques, you get firsthand training, with very specific tips for what techniques are more effective in the real world etc.    Variety of coaches is outstanding with a variety of backgrounds.    The coaches are very thorough and supportive.   They take their time on techniques and ensure you spend the month with a very specific curriculum.  Each month you learn and chain a handful of techniques, and due to drilling and live rolling you really get an opportunity to ingrain the techniques into your personal arsenal.   


Bottom line  is if you want to improve your physical attributes, such as strength, conditioning and flexibility, but also mental attributes,  10th Planet Jiu Jitsu is the way to go.  Even after grueling classes, I feel better and my energy level has shot through the roof.   I also feel a sense of serenity and calmness that Jiu Jitsu gives you.    Jiu Jitsu translates while to real life.  You encounter problems, and there is always a solution.   In under 2 months, I went from 165 lbs to 145 lbs.   Jiu Jitsu is challenging, but the effects of taking this class translates so well to other aspects of real life.    People are often intimidated trying something new, especially in regards to Martial Arts, but the staff and overall culture at 10th Planet is very supportive.   To be honest Jiu Jitsu is challenging,  but will help push your personal limits, and discover more about yourself.  You will be surprised at what you are capable of,  you just need the right people to bring the best out of you and 10th Planet is that place for me.  

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