University Of MMA Fight Night 13, we have 6 fighters on the card!!! Come get your tickets!!!!! 

That’s right folks! We are stepping in the cage again with 6 fighters on the card! We are super excited to have such an amazing fight team. They are working very hard to prep for this promotion. It’s not easy to step in the cage. It takes months or even years to do this. Most people think, “I can do this in a just sign up for a fight and beat a guy up!”. Well it’s not that easy. There is sooooo much more behind the scenes people don’t see.

To get where our team is; first you must train. Not just any training or garage training. You must have the right coaches or instructors, and training partners; pretty much “your gym” that fits your needs. The ones who can give you the guidance and support. Without the guidance and support, you may think you got this, but it can very much lead you to a dead end in your future as a fighter. You want to make the right decision for yourself, so you have a long term fight career. Training is the key and having enough mat time as much as possible to get you to the next level. Our coaches makes sure you have an amazing Jiu Jitsu game, wrestling basics, and stand up. Thanks to Coach Gabe Calvento and Alder Hampel our team is well educated in all of these basics in MMA.

As a fighter you need to have the discipline and know when to listen. Even if you don’t want to; your coaches are there to guide you, see things you can’t see. Currently our fighters are training 6-7 days a week. Not just training physically but mentally, they also need to make sure making weight; for a mature that’s same day weigh-ins, for pro its day before weigh-ins. That’s meant you have 24 hours to rehydrate and eat. Making weight can be a challenge, who doesn’t like to eat?  They’re such on a strict diet, so no pizza, no hamburgers, or desserts. Diet is the most important thing for someone in a fight camp. It fuels your body and nourishes your body to give you energy to train.

I’ve talked to one of my fighters; he works really hard and as been here for years started at 16 and now is 21 yrs old:

Milton Arguello.

Me: “What makes you want to do this?”

Milton: ” I love martial arts and I love to work hard, this is a passion for me, I know I can do this for a long time.”

Me: ” Is it hard to train and have a social life?”

Milton: ” Yes it is but my friends understand that I love this and they support me they come to my fights”

Me: ” Your so young does your parents support you?”

Milton: ” At first when I was younger they used to take me to martial arts classes, got my black belt in Tang Soo Do, and I was doing track back then too. My dad signed me up at 10th Planet so I can have more of a challenge when I was 16. Then I graduated from high school track became boring to me. I wasn’t consistent then but I loved MMA. In MMA I get to train and hit people, I was good at it. I’m not very athletic I wasn’t able to catch a ball to save my life, but it’s different in MMA. When I told them I wanted to be a fighter they weren’t happy with it. But it kept me out of trouble and made me happy. My parents only want the best for me, and do what makes me happy, as long as I finish college. It’s a juggle to go to school, work and train. But I do it.”

Me: “Wow that’s a lot, you seem like a hard worker; work, school; training. What would you say to anyone that wants to step in the cage?”

Milton: “Just Train, there is no secret, take every class, take private lessons, be at the gym as much as you can, but you need to train smart. Listen to your coaches and instructors, have a good training partner because they become your team. Eventually you will get your black belt, I’m a purple belt now. But I get pushed by everyone especially Jean she tells me to keep testing to get my brown belt because then my black belt is just around the corner. ”

Milton Arguello (purple belt under Alder Hampel at 10th Planet Van Nuys)


It’s amazing to hear the secret to getting better at Jiu Jitsu and MMA, all you have to do is come to class. We have an amazing support system here to help everyone get to their goals. Whether you want to fight, compete, love the martial arts, or just an MMA enthusiast. We support everyone’s goals here. Pasha M. One of our competitors lost over 60lbs. He has an amazing attitude and comes in all the time. He’s told me that things he learns in class he’s able to do in live sparing now. Before it was confusing, but it took time, mat time to get it. There’s a great support system here he said the weight came off didn’t realize it because he was having so much fun.

Pasha M. (On the far right in the blue at Subfighter)

Come out and support our fighters Saturday June 16, 2016 at The Novo (formally know as Club Nokia)


Debuting: Labib Yasir: Labib Yasir Tickets available Here!

Debuting: Robert Castro: Robert Castro Tickets Available Here!

Eliot Aguayo: Eliot Ticket Available here!

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And newest member to the team

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