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Black Belt Alder Hampel

Our Fundamentals program focuses on warm ups and techniques that emphasize a basic understanding of self defense, as well as movements and body mechanics needed to progress through the advanced classes. We rotate through a 6 month curriculum covering all of the major positions, concepts behind defense/staying safe in bad positions, basic takedowns, basic submissions, and general movement on the ground.

Black Belt Alder Hampel

This class is where your understanding of jiu jitsu will grow much deeper, by introducing new, more sophisticated concepts and ideas that carry throughout all of grappling. We achieve this by not only showing you the techniques and movements involved, but by explaining “why” these movements are applied in the manner that they are. More live training will give you a more realistic feel of applying technique to a resisting opponent.

Kids Jiu jitsu

We want all of our kids to have confidence and high self esteem, when entering any environment. We run a self defense heavy program, preparing kids to recognize dangerous situations and how to stay safe. Our kids program is growing rapidly everyday, and would be happier to pass this knowledge on to the future of the sport.


The traditional fighting style of Thailand, Muay Thai (Thai boxing/ KICKBOXING) is a brutally effective martial art for both competition, self-defense, and general fitness. As one of the three pillars of mixed martial arts, Muay Thai has experienced a massive boom in popularity over the past thirty years, due in large part to the success of Mixed Martial Arts and in particular, the UFC. Despite it’s rough and tumble reputation, the people you meet in a Muay Thai class are not what you would probably expect.

Black Belt Alder Hampel

Whether you’re a beginner, or a professional fighter, we have every level of athlete on the mat, and pair everyone up accordingly. If you are starting out with “zero” martial arts background, then we highly encourage our students to complete our 6 month fundamentals program before entering this class. Every class will have a sufficient amount of warm up, technique, drilling, conditioning, and positional sparring. Come to step up your fight training or get an amazing workout!

Wrestling Class

Our Wrestling class consistently demonstrates that their style is a fundamental part of modern MMA combat. Solid wrestling allows a fighter to determine where the fight takes place. On the feet if the fighter has good striking, or on the ground if the fighter has good submission skills. To be a successful MMA fighter these days, you MUST be trained in wrestling. We aren’t going to lie to you…the MMA training is grueling.